Top Five: Things About Christmas I Actually Like

25 12 2009

I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas, in fact I hate it. Yeah I know, bah humbug. Anyway, I can think of five things (just) that I actually like about the damned day.

1. Eating a Stupid Amount of Food is Encouraged

Like most people, I find eating to be one of life’s little pleasures, and during this time of year you’re encouraged to eat much more than usual, and I’m fine with that. Roast dinners, cheese, snacks aplenty, overly indulgent desserts, roast dinner leftovers, love it!

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Top Five: Little Pleasures in Life

18 08 2009

It’s been a few days (I’ve been a little distracted), anyway at Caro’s request, we have my top five little pleasures in life.

1. Wikipedia

Yeah, I’m a geek, get over it. Anyway, I can easily spend hours trawling through this treasure trove of information (of varying accuracy). Okay, I wouldn’t reference it in an essay, but for background knowledge on something, it’s great, and I love it.

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Top Five: F1 Failures

30 07 2009

As BMW have now decided to pull out of F1 after essentially failing to meet they’re own targets, I’ve decided to go for my top five F1 team failures, so here they are.

1. Life

Purchasing a single chassis from the aborted FIRST project from 1989, Life attempted to show off their W12 engine. This wasn’t a great idea as it had around 150-200bhp less than its competitors. This combined with the fact it was the heaviest car in the field meant that it had the pace of an F3 car, although they weren’t to know as it hadn’t been tested when they arrived at the first race. The team failed to pre-qualify for all 14 GPs they attempted to race in. Gary Brabham was signed to race, but left after two race weekends after the car blew up after 400m, because the striking Italian mechanics didn’t put any oil in the car. For the last two pre-qualifying attempts, they used a Judd V8, the car was still crap… and ugly as sin.

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Top Five: Top Gear Cheap Car Challenges

26 07 2009

Originally I was going to have an F1 list, but in light of Massa’s accident I’ve decided to go for some other Sunday fare; Top Gear. Today they’re having another cheap car challenge (£3000 pre-1982 cars), so I’m going to lay out my top five thus far.

1. Vietnam Special – 15 million đồng bikes

Right, well number one doesn’t involve cheap cars, but that’s just because they couldn’t afford them as it turns out 15 million đồng is only about £600. So, much to Clarkson’s chagrin, bikes were selected, or in Clarkson’s case, a scooter. What ensued was a mess of idiotic helmets, stupid presents, graffiti, excellent tailoring, a bike licence test, poor train selection, interesting cuisine, bike-boat conversions, and the constant threat of Bruce Springsteen.

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