Top Five: Classic F1 Circuits

5 08 2009

At the request of Chiz, we have the top five classic F1 circuits. To qualify a circuit has to have been used to host at least one Grand Prix in the Formula One Word Championship, so nothing before 1950. It also has to be no longer in use for F1, or have a different layout to its current one. So without further ado…

31. Montjuïc Park

Located around Montjuïc hill in Barcelona, the circuit held four Spanish GPs between 1969 and 1975 (alternating with Jarama in Madrid). The track compromised car set-up, with the first half of the anti-clockwise lap being slow and the latter half extremely fast. Ronnie Peterson’s 1973 lap record of 1:23.8 was set at an average speed of just over 100mph, which is staggering for a street circuit at the time. The track was dropped from the calender for safety reasons, before the 1975 race many drivers complained about the state of the track and reigning champion Emerson Fittipaldi pulled out. But the race went ahead, and on lap 26 Rolf Stommelen’s Hill crashed, leaving five people dead. Formula 1 never returned, but Fittipaldi did to drive a Lotus 72 for the circuit’s 75th anniversary celebrations in 2007 along with Marc Gene in a Ferrari 248.

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