Top Five: Top Gear Cheap Car Challenges

26 07 2009

Originally I was going to have an F1 list, but in light of Massa’s accident I’ve decided to go for some other Sunday fare; Top Gear. Today they’re having another cheap car challenge (£3000 pre-1982 cars), so I’m going to lay out my top five thus far.

1. Vietnam Special – 15 million đồng bikes

Right, well number one doesn’t involve cheap cars, but that’s just because they couldn’t afford them as it turns out 15 million đồng is only about £600. So, much to Clarkson’s chagrin, bikes were selected, or in Clarkson’s case, a scooter. What ensued was a mess of idiotic helmets, stupid presents, graffiti, excellent tailoring, a bike licence test, poor train selection, interesting cuisine, bike-boat conversions, and the constant threat of Bruce Springsteen.

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