Top Five: Films of 2009

29 12 2009

Here we are at the end of the year, and the decade, so a list of my favourite films of the year. I might do one for the decade later, it’ll require more thinking.

1. Moon

The feature directorial debut of Duncan Jones, aka Zowie Bowie. Visually stunning with the use of models over CGI (I have love for models), and using a spartan cast of ten actors, Jones creates a film with a nod to some sci-fi classics, such as, Solaris (original Soviet version), 2001, and Alien. Sam Rockwell is excellent (always is) as Sam, a man who has essentially lived alone on the moon for three years and whose mind is slowly turning in on itself.

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Top Five: Dictators

28 12 2009

Now this list may sound slightly perverse, but absolutely everything can be quantified in a list, so here are my – want for a better word – favourite dictators.

1. Josip Broz Tito

From car mechanic to President of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, it’s like a Cinderella story. He helped reestablish a state after its destruction by leading a partisan campaign, he then defied Stalin and lived to tell the tale, helped establish the non-aligned movement during the Cold War. In summation, he was a bit of a dude. Shame the country collapsed after he died.

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Top Five: Things About Christmas I Actually Like

25 12 2009

I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas, in fact I hate it. Yeah I know, bah humbug. Anyway, I can think of five things (just) that I actually like about the damned day.

1. Eating a Stupid Amount of Food is Encouraged

Like most people, I find eating to be one of life’s little pleasures, and during this time of year you’re encouraged to eat much more than usual, and I’m fine with that. Roast dinners, cheese, snacks aplenty, overly indulgent desserts, roast dinner leftovers, love it!

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Top Five: Christmas Films

24 12 2009

The return of the lists! We start off with a simple suggestion from Michelle.

1. Die Hard

John McClane was just trying to spend time with his estranged family at Christmas. He succeeded… by blowing a lot of shit up. Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, guns, terrorists, a skyscraper, Germans, Twinkies, a twatty journalist, and a giant teddy-bear, what could be more festive than that?! Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful!

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Top Five: Motorsport Liveries

19 08 2009

Traditional national racing colours had been de rigueur in motorsport from the 1900s to the 1960s. Cars were easily identified by nationality simply by colour: green for the UK; red for Italy; silver for Germany, etc. By signing a deal with Gold Leaf, Lotus brought sponsorship liveries to motorsport, so here are my top five.

1. JPS Lotus

Well, it’s a classic, and here it is on the ground-breaking, ground-force Lotus 79, being driven by the 1978 World Champion , Mario Andretti, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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Top Five: Little Pleasures in Life

18 08 2009

It’s been a few days (I’ve been a little distracted), anyway at Caro’s request, we have my top five little pleasures in life.

1. Wikipedia

Yeah, I’m a geek, get over it. Anyway, I can easily spend hours trawling through this treasure trove of information (of varying accuracy). Okay, I wouldn’t reference it in an essay, but for background knowledge on something, it’s great, and I love it.

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Top Five: Worst UK Eurovision Entries

14 08 2009

Here we have the last of my Eurovision troika; the five worst entries sent by the UK. Between 1957 and 1998, the UK finished outside the top 10 only twice, since the UK has only finished inside the top 10 twice, and that’s why the majority of these songs are recent entries. Not the first one though…

1. Cliff Richard – Power to All Our Friends

In 1968, Richard lost by a point in an allegedly rigged vote, in 1973 he came back and lost again. This entry came third, despite featuring the laziest rhyming I’ve ever heard, a bewildering set of dance moves, and a faux-Bee Gee on backing vocals. Really I’ve put it in at number one because I just hate Cliff Richard, but it’s my list, so I can.

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