Top Five: Favourite Sports

2 01 2010

Today I shall be at Murrayfield for the Edinburgh versus Glasgow Magners League/1872 Cup match, so I’m (once again) in a sports kinda mood. Here are my favourite sports, if you don’t know them already.

1. Formula 1

If you hadn’t noticed by now, I talk about F1 a lot, so it’s not exactly surprising that this is my favourite sport. I’ve been literally obsessed with the pinnacle of motorsport since I was a young child, and this obsession continues unabated. As we’re in the off-season right now, I wait impatiently for car launches and testing. Man, machine, tactics, individual and team competition, I do love it.

2. Rugby Union

There’s nothing quite like watching 30 men put their bodies on the line (I’m channeling Tobias Fünke again). Anyway, it is the most polite yet violent sport in the world, nobody argues with the referee and then they turn round and hit one another with the force of a freight train. Who doesn’t love gladiatorial combat with thousands watching? Maybe the Romans got yet another thing right, albeit with less Christian versus lion action.

3. Ultimate

Also known as ultimate frisbee to the uninitiated, this is the only sport that has kept me interested as a player for longer than a few months – I played football, I gave up; I was a mountain biker, I gave up… twice; I was an archer, I gave up – and even though I am pretty much in a state of retirement now, I played for years, and I loved it. I got to play with a bunch of great guys and girls all over the UK, and in Italy, and I once got to represent Scotland at a tournament in Portugal. Only downside is the sheer amount of injuries that this non-contact sport induces, seriously, it’s a bit silly.

4. American Football

Based on rugby, and the one of the sports that ultimate is based on, it’s not exactly a wonder that I like this sport too. To the outsider it may look like a simple concept made complicated, whereas it is actually quite a cerebral sport. On a tactical level there is no other sport on the planet like it, and before anyone comments on all the padding, it is a requirement with the way that they tackle. Also, Super Bowl night is a great excuse for a party.

5. Cricket

It may sound perverse for a Scotsman to like cricket, but I have appreciation for what is, essentially, the most laid-back sport in the world. It is a perfect fit for me. International test cricket takes days to finish a match, and in that time you can sit, read the paper, listen to Aggers and Blowers, drink, eat a picnic, and I suppose watch some cricket too. I don’t like cricket, oh no, I love it, oh yes.




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