Top Five: New Year Hangover Cures

1 01 2010

Now yesterday was Hogmanay, so I trust you are now nursing the mother of all hangovers, so here are my top five sure fire ways to rid yourself of it, or at least delay it until the 2nd.

1. Watch films you have seen before

Now you may want to watch the frankly hilarious The Hangover (one of my top five films of the year), or maybe whatever is on TV, I have a tradition of watching the original Star Wars trilogy, but whatever you choose it had better be something you’ve seen before. Now the reason for this is your tender head, you don’t want any surprises, you don’t want to have to think, you need to know exactly what is coming. Also means you know you’ll enjoy it, so it’s a nice, safe experience.

2. Eat

Lots. I shall be making a roast dinner, it takes a while to make, so there’s no rush or any sudden movements, and the heavy food will make you feel better, guaranteed. Warning: don’t eat dairy, it’ll make you feel worse.

3. Irn Bru

Speak to any Scotsman the world over, and they shall tell you the magical qualities of this heavenly beverage. The carbon dioxide will settle your stomach, the sugar, caffeine and quinine will make your head feel better, and hydration is always a good thing. It’s a party in your mouth, but it’s all for you!

4. Hair of the dog

The traditional delaying tactic. Drinking more will just allow that alcohol to provide a pick me up. There is one proviso though, you can only drink certain things, primarily lager, or vodka mixed with something sugary. Wine or whisky are just going to lay you out again.

5. Do not leave the house

This is very important! The outside will be cold, noisy, and full of people. Inside is warm, safe, and quiet. If you are foolish enough to step out the door, remember, you’re still over the limit, so don’t drive and just shuffle slowly to wherever you’re going instead.




One response

1 01 2010

That last one is extremely true. Leaving the house is always a mistake when hungover. It’s hostile and unfriendly and ick out there.

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