Top Five: Little Pleasures in Life

18 08 2009

It’s been a few days (I’ve been a little distracted), anyway at Caro’s request, we have my top five little pleasures in life.

1. Wikipedia

Yeah, I’m a geek, get over it. Anyway, I can easily spend hours trawling through this treasure trove of information (of varying accuracy). Okay, I wouldn’t reference it in an essay, but for background knowledge on something, it’s great, and I love it.

2. Sundays

Lie in, papers, bacon sandwiches (avec HP), sport on the TV (F1 a lot of the time, funnily enough), roast dinner, Top Gear, beer, and no work. Sundays are magical.

3. Shorts

I do not wear trousers at home, that would be weird for me, in fact, I’m wearing my favourite pair right now.

4. Beer & Pizza

Okay, so it’s technically two things, but technically it’s my favourite meal, so I’m counting it as one. No better beverage, no better food, give me the two together and I will be in a very good mood.

5. N64

Playing a few classic games kicks in the old childhood nostalgia, always on to a winner. Just add the shorts, beer, pizza, Wikipedia for some game info, and do it all on a Sunday. Life can be pretty sweet sometimes.




One response

19 08 2009

Number 5 sounds like a good way to spend a Sunday!

I knew there’s a reason I like you so much.

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