Top Five: Attainable Classic Cars

2 08 2009

I’ve been busy this weekend, so here’s a quick post for tonight, a few modern classics that are attainable.

1. VW Golf GTI Mk1

The Golf is the third-best selling car of all time (second if you don’t count the Ford F-Series seeing as they’re pick-ups). The GTI made it better, so the Mk1 makes it to number one on my list.

2. Citroën DS

Produced for two decades, the DS made the French manufacturer known for innovation, and the car’s ability to be driven flat out with two flat tyres saved Charles de Gaulle’s life, according to the man himself, when an attempt was made on his life.

3. Fiat 500

Why buy the new version for style reasons when the original is better looking? You won’t get anywhere fast, but at least you’ll look good.

4. BMW 2002

The New Class was introduced in 1962, and it reached its peak six years later with the 2002, cementing BMW’s reputation to build saloons with sporting credentials.

5. Mini

Well, I don’t really need to explain this one, but it does get bumped down this far because it has been sullied by the new one.




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