Top Five: Best Eurovision Entries

31 07 2009

Myself and M share a love of the Eurovision Song Contest, so at her suggestion we have my top five best Eurovision entries. Abba are excluded for allowing Mamma Mia to be made.

1. Sandie Shaw – Puppet on a String [UK]

From 1967, it wins because it just gets stuck in my head, and is still the only UK entry that was actually good.

2. Teach-In – Ding-a-Dong [NL]

The only Dutch win back from 1975. The song makes absolutely no sense, the costumes make no sense (or even match one-another), there’s a vibraphone (don’t know why), and it’s so quintessentially Eurovision.

3. Urban Symphony – Rändajad [EST]

The 2009 Estonian entry makes the list because I genuinely like the song a lot, which is not something I say about many Eurovision songs. Unfortunately it only finished sixth.

4. Jean-Claude Pascal – Nous les amoureux [LUX]

Winner in 1961, Pascal was just so damned French, except for twice representing Luxembourg at Eurovision (he finished 11th in 1981). Studied at the Sorbonne, worked as a fashion designer at Christian Dior, loved to roll an r, can belt out a song. Love it.

5. Berta Ambrož – Brez besed [YUG]

I have absolutely no idea how I know the seventh placed Yugoslav entry from 1966, but I do, and I like it for some reason. Sung in Slovenian, it’s all over the place, not sung that well, but it just seems quite earnest.

Next Friday, my top five worst Eurovision entries (it’s taking a while to whittle them down).




3 responses

31 07 2009

Pfft, no Dschinghis Khan?

I can’t wait to get home so I can watch these videos. I’m not familiar with 4 and 5. So glad you have the Estonian entry from this year in there. I genuinely love that song, too (and her).

31 07 2009


5 really isn’t that good, but for some reason I just like it.

2 08 2009

I’m kind of disappointed that the mental Ukraine aren’t there. And also that the Georgian entry from a couple of years ago (‘Visionary Dream’ by Sopho) isn’t there cos it’s AMAZING. It’s all strings and a dancy chorus which has more than a hint of Bjork.

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