Top Five: Free Web Services

28 07 2009

Yesterday (27/08/09) Mozilla released some mock ups for the Windows version of Firefox 4.0 and as a FF user (on OS X), I began to think of other free things I like on the web. WordPress isn’t on the list, because I obviously like it.

1. Gmail

After five years, it’s no longer beta, and it’s still better than any other webmail service I’ve used. Turns out all I’d ever wanted from email was a lack of spam, a simple layout, unobtrusive advertising, and an email address that wasn’t embarrassing (yes, like many a geek I am an email snob).

2. Twitter

I was slightly behind the curve on this one, but now I love it. I’ve always liked having a constant stream of information flowing at me, so this fits me perfectly. Snippets of info and links, life is good.

3. Spotify

Yes, I know it’s not really a web app because you can’t use it within your browser, and you can pay to avoid advertising. However, you can stream a stupid amount of music over for absolutely nothing, and you can’t argue with that. Just need a movie equivalent…

4. Flickr

I’m an amateur photographer, so naturally I have a Flickr account (shameless plug, I know), and you’ve got to love the setup, free hosting of your photos and a massive community to go along with it. Again, I know you can pay, but if you’re only wanting to put up a few photos, or you’re just starting out, the free service is great.

5. BBC iPlayer

Unfortunately, if you’re not in the UK, you’re missing out on this one (unless you’re being cheeky with your IP). Wasn’t the first service of its kind in the UK… on Windows, it was on Mac and Linux, but it’s easily the best, and since its launch everyone’s been playing catchup. Free streaming and catalogued BBC programmes, got to love it.




2 responses

28 07 2009

Good list, I’ve been using Gmail for years (I was always using Outlook Express before then, Gmail converted me to Web based emailing). I think Spotify is also like BBC iplayer, it only works in the UK not unless they got their licencing for other countries sorted out.


28 07 2009

Spotify can be used for free in Norway, Sweden, Finland, France and Spain as well, I think.

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