Top Five: The Week Ahead

27 07 2009

Mondays, back to work, and five days until the next weekend, so what is there to help you drag yourself through the next five days? Here are my top five.

1. Monday: Watchmen

Today sees the DVD and Blu-Ray release of one of the biggest films of the year. Based on my favourite graphic novel, Snyder’s envisioning isn’t any where near perfect in my mind, but he gets points for filming the unfilmable, and the story is still excellent.  So that is Monday night’s entertainment sorted.

2. Tuesday: The Blues Brothers

If you’re anywhere near a participating Cineworld cinema, they’re showing this 1980 classic for one day only on Tuesday 28th July. Directed and co-written by John Landis, starring co-writer Dan Aykroyd and the late, great John Belushi, this seminal movie held the record for destroying the most cars during a film, and if you’ve seen it, you know why. Unfortunately I’m working, so I can’t see it, but I highly recommend you go.

3. Wednesday: cinema again

If you’re in the UK, you will have taken advantage of the Orange Wednesday two-for-one offer at some point, and you may as well do it again this week. Out just now is Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which, as a fanboy, I naturally enjoyed a lot, but my recommendation for this week is Duncan Jones’ Moon. Sam Rockwell is an excellent actor (watch Confessions of a Dangerous Mind if you get the chance) and he’s in top form, there is a beautiful soundtrack from Clint Mansell, and it is visually stunning utilising, for the most part, models over CGI.

4. Thursday: Mock the Week

Episode 4 (of 13) of the new seventh series is on BB2 at 9pm. All of the usual boys are joined by Adam Hills and Alun Cochrane for an irreverent look at the weeks news. After that is a repeat of Never Mind the Buzzcocks featuring Stephen Fry, and Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays failing to know who Mark E Smith is.

5. Friday: Any Given Sunday

If you’re not heading out, flick over to TCM to see Any Given Sunday at 9pm. This is a film that you’ll either love or hate, hence the 49% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but it’s worth a watch just for Al Pacino.




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