Top Five: Best Things About Having a Geek Girlfriend

25 07 2009

As the internet pointed out to me yesterday, I’m living the dream, I may be a colossal geek but my other half is a geek too. She may not be as geeky as me (that would be quite hard) but there are definite plus points, so here are my top five.

1. Star Wars

Mutual appreciation of Star Wars is a must in any relationship, and I don’t go lacking. She knows why the Empire is cooler than the Alliance, she knows why Lucas is God and the Devil, and most importantly, she knows Han shot first.

2. Comic Books

Someone that buys me comic books, that’s nice. But someone who buys me comic books, likes it when I buy them comic books, and will discuss at length why Stan Lee is not a genius, that’s infinitely better.

3. Gadgets

Understands my pathological need to buy new gadgets and discuss them at length, and not just because she inherits my hand-me-downs. Even my Apple fanboy tendencies are rubbing off.

4. Shopping

A mutual hatred of aimlessly wandering around shops, bliss.

5. Understanding

She knows why I am the way I am, which is surely the only reason she is able to put up with my many, many foibles.




6 responses

26 07 2009

No, don’t turn her into an Apple geek, you big… Apple geek!

26 07 2009

It was always going to happen.

27 07 2009

Yes to Apple.

27 07 2009

Possibly among the nicest things anyone has ever written about me.


7 08 2009

This is why girlfriend is rubbish. 😦

7 08 2009

my girlfriend, even.

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